Guitar Fx Electronics: Introduction + Sitemap + Resources

Hello everyone!
I've created this subdomain to share some resources and snippets of knowledge related to some essential electronics theory that helps in building guitar pedals and much more! While there are several websites to find schematics and layouts, very few explain circuits and why things work.

This blog is my attempt to explain all the essential ideas involved in designing an fx circuit be it distortion or delay so that you can stop relying on the internet for creating layouts. By no means does one need to understand the math or the circuit to build guitar pedal, but as always knowledge empowers you to be creative and saves time as you don't re-invent the wheel.
What follows next on this page is the content written so far, what's coming next, and some of my favorite sites that explain Fx- circuits!

On this blog-

4. Design a BJT distortion pedal, without the internet! (Coming soon!)

5. Simulate a pedal circuit using SPICE (Coming soon!)

6. Design a Buffer pedal / Tone control, using a BJT! (Coming soon!)


Before I mention any other websites, here are some wonderful books that I'd like to recommend-

1. Electronic Principles (A.P Malvino)
This is my personal favorite. It's an easy read that beautifully explains how to use transistors and other components and to make sense of datasheets!

2. Practical Electronics for Inventors (Simon Monk)
This book focuses more on breadth than the depth of electronics and the practical aspects. Overall, a very well written book, fun to read!

3. The Art of Electronics (Paul Horowitz)
The Art of electronics is probably one of the most popular electronics textbooks. It's more of a dictionary than an easy read in my opinion. It cover's several concepts of electronics such as basic microcontroller programming that the other two books don't.

Websites that explain Pedal circuits!

There are a lot more websites, I've just listed some of my personal favorites that I keep coming back to. Another very interesting resource is the Facebook DIY Stompboxes group.
Finally, this website too explains how pedals work! 

If there's any other interesting website that you know of, please do share it in the comments! I'll add it to the list. Also, if you'd like to receive an email whenever a new post is up, there's a subscribe button at the top of the page!

I'd also love to get suggestions about concepts in electronics that would you like to know more about.